Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ode to 2012

What a year this has been! Full of change forced and forged.
A year in which lives transformed, not just personally. Where women were raped and left to die with the final blow from the honest MAN.
A year of the feminine awakening. Of knowing the way forward is to let go of the distorted past
What a year this has been! Of knowing true friendships and photo-shopped lives. Of being able to depend on only one.
A year in economical turmoil, all over the world, and knowing the real value of money. Selling wealth to survive, to understand and cherish everything intangible.
Courted, canned, closed and clued, a year full of nasty surprises with positive reactions. Being re-elected, based on limited skill, just to be used and thrown.
What a year this has been! With a world destined to doom, yet surviving the worst catastrophic event of all....nothing.
A year that subtracted just enough to multiply. Emotions, wealth, perspective, ideology, strength and spirituality. With implicit deep rooted belief and knowledge of winning.
A year of being strategically tested and tactically tempered, with little to show for it. Finding unwavering confidence in an another's life.
What a year this has been! Questionable poetry, personal prose and those lives unaffected by tragedy or love. Prolific yet subdued.
A year marred with the expectedly unexpected, the demonically mean, the unfairly beautiful, the tortuously gentle, the honest dissimulator, of confiscated belongings, and a lonely soul.
A year with an abundance for senile memory and a champion's heart. Least coveted, but thoroughly lived with aberrations paid in kind and more.
What a year 2012 has been! A year to open the most blinded eyes. A year to define a life or several.

A year to me.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mission: Totally Possible!

I have come to a point in my eventful life, where the time has come (again) to obtain and continue a long-term, mutually beneficial, cordial and hopefully entertaining relationship. No, Not marriage! I usually don't make the same mistake twice. I was talking about employment. It has come to pass, that economics, family dynamics, and the keeping of bare-minimal sanity, necessitates me to garner high-income employment. But finding a job in my chosen profession, in a place that struggles to feed a major chunk of its population, while staving-off epidemics of new-age diseases; is like shooting a dead rat with a 16 ton missile.

In the last 6 months I have, with some level of success, applied to approximately 500 jobs.  In a desperate attempt to get work, I have applied to positions I have held in the past, I could do, have some knowledge in, have imagined myself doing, could attempt at least once in a lifetime, heard about from others; all on the premise of my functional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual caliber and my resume. Numerous positions were instantaneously dismissed, due to the lack of enthusiastic dispersal of funds. Multiple positions were refused for the sheer 'lack of enough of experience', even when I explained that I could only get experience if someone gave me the job. That explanation has not passed muster, yet.

The other, more devastating, reason for refusal has been 'over-qualification'. For those of you who have never been turned down for a reason such as this, please remember, you're bloody lucky! It is the most queerest feeling to be told that the job you have applied for, is beneath you, and to take you on for such a position of employment would squander not just your talent, but also their money! Yup, been there, done that, and it is not fun!

Thus in the light of recent life-changing events, and lack thereof, I have decided to tackle the gnawing problem of partial, substandard, employment with a straight forward approach. I shall attempt to chronicle all those details about me that prospective employers demand in their brightest and most promising employees. It is going to mean a series of posts that go far beyond the resume. This looks longer than an all-nighter, and I don't wish my current position on anyone. But as the true masters say, what doesn't kill you, will hurt like hell!

So, with the voice over of the guy from Mission: Impossible, who keeps egging Ethan Hunt on to take the damned mission, playing in my head; my goals are set. My Mission: Totally Possible! Job: Hunt: Live!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

8 Simple Rules

Life is full of shit! And then, it gets worse!

For those who haven't guessed by now, for the lack of reading, I haven't  actually been having "The Time of My Life" for the past, umm, few years. Gawd! If my therapists could see me now! But through all the turmoil that I galantly wade through, or crap I get sucked into, I have learned some very important life lessons. Today, I take it upon myself to do a social service, and duely impart a very small portion of  my hard gained knowledge.

1. Be kind and considerate, even if it kills you, and it probably will. But always remember, just because I'm kind and take your viewpoint into my consideration, it does not imply that I'm a push over or that you can walk all over me. Not anymore!

2. Never miss an opportunity to laugh, especially when you don't want to. I have gone from feeling like a satarical, melodramatic, suicidal ninkampoop to a premenstrual, peri-menopausal pimple faced teenager on a 7-Up binge (Oh yeah!). But the one thing that has kept me on this here planet is the ability to laugh at myself, and with other. It is the one thing that never fails to bring back the optimist. If nothing else, it is a sure way of pissing off your enemies!

3. Always strive to improve yourself. I am Superwoman, but I still can't do least not all at once. The one thing that always helps to keep people out of trouble is to learn a new skill set or try new experiences. Can't think of anything? Take steps to improve your own health, for he who can take care of himself, will take care of others. I am now contempleting diving, head first, into the wonderful world of hand-painting and finger print forensics, after my marathon training.

4. Never judge others. I have learned, often at the expense of an audience, that people, no matter who, will judge you before you open your mouth, and again, when you do, without even taking the time and energy to get to know you. We all have our stories. We should be grateful we get the opportunity to live them.

5. Trust no one! But always believe in those who really matter! After much deliberation and thought I have come to believe that no one in this world will live your life for you, and the decisions you make will ultimately impact you more than anyone else. But in the process of 'living your life your way' never lose tract of the people who have always stood by your side, especially those who are kind and considerate. Have faith in those few.

6. Have no expectations. This is perhaps the most difficult of the lessons learned. Humans are genetically pre-disposed to expecting something, no matter how small, in return for something done. We live in a world of transactions. It is one of the most liberating give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. It is also the most difficult to practice. But please keep in mind, just because I give, doesn't mean I can't stop!

7. Know those who matter. Disassociate yourself from the following people: negative persons, people who don't appreciate you, people who take you for granted, persons who cannot be happy for you. If you sat and thought about all the people you know, there are many who fall into at least one of the above catagories. Think about it. At your very worst, how many people have stuck around, talked you out of annihilating entire generations of the populace? How many can you count on, even if it's just to cheer you up? And who amongst your large entourage of known people, would you stick your neck out for, time and time again, no questions asked? Those are who matter most!

8. Don't give up on love. I was once told that there's no such thing as love, and for the longest time had believed it. But it's just not true. Like the song goes "Love is all around", we just have to open our eyes, hearts, and minds to feel it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just My Imagination

It's been a while since I last spewed my deliberate thoughts in a forum that gives me little in return than the pleasure of knowing that I find my  potential, and possibly, a socially acceptable form of release for my hairy musings. But as good things go, I was recently made vividly aware, in an equally public forum, that the life I have lived so far has been...imagination. Huh? My sentiment exactly! It seems that the real life I have lived for a good number of years, with all its shards, has been, well, imagined. Oh! and my version of my imagined life is...not correct, and has to be readjusted to fit a different description. I know, I get to relive some really 'fun' moments without the 'fun' (or is it the other way round?)

What I have found utterly facinating is that in the alternate, adjusted version of my life, I happen to be the villan of my own imagination. Isn't that cool? I am the bad guy who has an uncanny talent of screwing things up, especially the lives of people I adore. Now that's a skill set I wouldn't wish on anyone. I also happen to be a myriad of negative configurations in a completely positive surrounding, thus creating a clash of worlds. Yup, I am the antithesis of Sita, the epitome of feminity, goodness and godlyness (since its the festival season). Don't say you weren't warned!

With that said, I have finally comprehended that the world we live in offers us no relief for being a good or nice person. It will ultimately make absolutely no difference to anyone as to what happens to me, unless ofcourse I am either the richest person in the world, or have formulated the cure for AIDS or completely eradicated Poverty (all of which I am currently working on). The fate of an individual is perhaps pre-determined by the cosmos, but the way we choose to walk the path probably makes the biggest difference, not to others, but ourselves. In the end the choices we make impact no one else more than us. So, in the light of this eternal knowledge I choose to be the nice person that I am, be the personification of an individual so many insist I be, be the sacrificial lamb that bleats only praises for hipocrits and blasphemers as they would want it to be, and ultimately be treated as the stars have destined.

But that's just my imagination!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Courting Rules

Patience, a virtue touted by many
But, according to one, I don't have any.
So, using lack-lustre performing fools
I have learned some courting rules.

It won't matter how true I am
I'll be squished like a penniless bug by a frying pan
I could argue, scream, or cry a river
But its only four lives left to sever.

A process of purposedly prolonged torture
For love, right, wrong, lost future or just charter?
An apathy shown with such blatant conspiracy
Now it hits home...Hipocrisy!

What shoulda, woulda, coulda been
Is worth nothing more than the paper thin
One versus four completely out of balance
To stay strong is now the challenge.

Those innocent looks of love and devotion
All twisted for vengeful paternal projections
But the bearer not languid nor cruel
Will vanquish all monsters with courting rules.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Is Love Free?

A question asked in innocence and glee,
Makes one think, 'Is love really free?'
No price be placed or money to fling,
Like J Lo said...Love don't cost a thing.

But what of those butterflies that roar, or being a dope,
Or colors that appear in shades of pink and heliotrope?
What of those days spent in daydream bliss,
And touches, those looks, or that fleeting kiss?

What of those angonising eons in thought,
Of sleepless nights, and of wandering lost?
And those moments when nothing makes sense,
Of ultimatums, forced sacrifices, being fenced?

So, to answer a child's question clear and true
No amount of wealth will see you through.
Love cost nothing in terms of money,
But in lives, lived or lost, it ain't free honey.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Definitely You!

Another comment under an anonymous shroud
Of an imbecile with a lot to be proud.
Nothing shows stupid this clear
As copy-paste, how original my dear!

Let's bring out the past deleted by force
Implicating lives lived as coarse
To take things out of context by right
Or just trample and publicize by might

Support never taken, as offered none
All just talk and full of air, fun.
Always ahead of every curve ball
Lying in wait to see me fall

Admittance of love, hate and indifference true,
To change a mind that sees nothing new
End in sight, its all fallen through
Its not me, but definitely you!