Sunday, July 22, 2012

You've Changed

The flirty giggle when sweetly spoken to.
The wrinkled nose, to displeasure shown
The belief that all are good until proven untrue
That being nice is not to be scorn.

Being open yet playfully curt
Showing emotion and feeling
Displays of anger and hurt
Of abandoned senses reeling.

Of caring when there's no need
Being supportive even through despair
Showing the true side to heed
Even when all's beyond repair.

Smiling and jesting through the remarks thrown
Believing the strength of love will rule
Accepting rejection with grace unknown
Always nearly the friend, but a bigger fool. 

No, I haven't changed
Just marred with questions unanswered
Or, you've just never seen
Everything I have willingly offered.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

In Real Life

Years gone in the moments to come,
Yet drawn longer, forced by some.

Blamed thrice for vice of victimed virtue
And boasted on by emptied value.

Questioned and accused non-stop,
Laced with venomous love to top.

When one asks for what's rightfully owned
A cowered stance logically shown.

Contradictions in every avenue
Always ready to rake in revenue.

All at the expense of four not one
Fought out solutions fun for some.

Every separation to cost in tears
For choices made in vengeful fears.

Nothing more precious left to hold
When coldly framed for taken gold.

Now to end the war of roses
In real life, not in poses.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


A scary thought of being thought,
Of being watched with no eyes.
Of being read, like a book bought
Of having answered silent cries.

A profound feeling of being missed
Of knowing the other's mind
Of writing in tones hissed
Of having returned in kind.

A week's work for a job done
Of greetings by many an eager face
Of being encouraged by just one
Of finding one's true place.

A cacophony of spoken word
Of knowing things to be taught.
Of being caught completely off guard
Of feeling euphoric for 'what?'