Sunday, December 26, 2010


2010! What a year it's been!

A year of love, of love lost.
 A year of accolades and accusations.
 A year of joyous togetherness, of pained separations.
 A year of learning and being taught.
 A year of devilish day-dreams and; ghoulish nightmares
 A year planning, of realizations.
 A year of Facebook, of facing the book
 A year of finding myself and; losing completely
 A year of serene moments filled with anger
 A year of drama with a silent audience
 A year of violence, touched with care
 A year of highs and; hangovers
 A year of midnight messages, of mid-morning calls
 A year of being brain-washed and coming out clean
 A year of confused emotions, of decisive action
 A year of connecting with old friends and; making new enemies
 A year of flowing poetry, of blocked prose
 A year of unbridled laughter, of unrelenting tears
 A year of true friendship and; undeniable devotion
 A year of playing games with no winners
 A year of losing battles, of fighting wars
 A year of being vain, but finding true beauty
 A year contemplating and concluding
 A year counselling and; being advised
 A year of emotional deficiencies and logical growth
 A year of learning new trick, but being the same old bitch
 A year of have nots and can't get enough of
 A year being a scardy-cat, but still coming out strong
 A year of having faith, of breaking promises
 A year of feeling close while being dejected
 A year of numbered letters and letters read
 A year of rumor mills and flowers grown
 A year of inception with no results
 A year of wanting, then giving it away
 A year of looking at the past and seeing the future
 A year of self discovery, of the capabilities I never knew I had
 A year of figuring out the meaning of life, only to realize it's written in a different language
 A year of understanding what I need to do

2010! A year etched in my memory....forever!