Sunday, October 21, 2012

Just My Imagination

It's been a while since I last spewed my deliberate thoughts in a forum that gives me little in return than the pleasure of knowing that I find my  potential, and possibly, a socially acceptable form of release for my hairy musings. But as good things go, I was recently made vividly aware, in an equally public forum, that the life I have lived so far has been...imagination. Huh? My sentiment exactly! It seems that the real life I have lived for a good number of years, with all its shards, has been, well, imagined. Oh! and my version of my imagined life is...not correct, and has to be readjusted to fit a different description. I know, I get to relive some really 'fun' moments without the 'fun' (or is it the other way round?)

What I have found utterly facinating is that in the alternate, adjusted version of my life, I happen to be the villan of my own imagination. Isn't that cool? I am the bad guy who has an uncanny talent of screwing things up, especially the lives of people I adore. Now that's a skill set I wouldn't wish on anyone. I also happen to be a myriad of negative configurations in a completely positive surrounding, thus creating a clash of worlds. Yup, I am the antithesis of Sita, the epitome of feminity, goodness and godlyness (since its the festival season). Don't say you weren't warned!

With that said, I have finally comprehended that the world we live in offers us no relief for being a good or nice person. It will ultimately make absolutely no difference to anyone as to what happens to me, unless ofcourse I am either the richest person in the world, or have formulated the cure for AIDS or completely eradicated Poverty (all of which I am currently working on). The fate of an individual is perhaps pre-determined by the cosmos, but the way we choose to walk the path probably makes the biggest difference, not to others, but ourselves. In the end the choices we make impact no one else more than us. So, in the light of this eternal knowledge I choose to be the nice person that I am, be the personification of an individual so many insist I be, be the sacrificial lamb that bleats only praises for hipocrits and blasphemers as they would want it to be, and ultimately be treated as the stars have destined.

But that's just my imagination!

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  1. That sounded harsh. I know what it feels like when u r just trying to b good. I get u, sista. Whoever said this had to be close to u, otherwise it would not have affected you so much. I think I have more to say. Let me get back!