Friday, September 9, 2011


For the past few days I have been trying to write a eulogy, a remembrance of sorts, about a person who has impacted my life profoundly. But the right words seem to escape me.

How does one begin to thank a person who brought out my creative side?
How do I tell her, it was she who made me understand the true value of having three daughters?
How do I show my appreciation for a person who's sacrifices throughout her life taught me to live mine?
How do I express my gratitude to her for making me master the art of positive thinking?
How do I tell her that I am grateful for being able to recognize my own capabilities as a person, and those of others?
How do I acknowledge her role in my attitude towards the world?
How do I tell her that she was the one who made me realize what my path in life is to be?
How do I say that it was she who made me realize what family is truly supposed to be?
How do I tell her that she changed the way I perceived relationships?
How do I make known that I understand all she went through and tolerated in her life, but I refuse to make her mistakes?
How do I tell her that she was and is instrumental in my pursuit of happiness?

I missed my chance!

The MIL passed away a couple of weeks ago, making me realize life has so much to offer us. But how we face life, head on, depends solely on our attitude. Life is truly too short to throw away, doing things that don't make us happy with who we are, not knowing what love really is, or wallowing in the remnants of the past. MIL's life, and also her sudden demise, has taught me that no matter what each of us goes through during our own lifetime, we all finally end up the same way. The circle of life has to be complete. But during that precious time we are given, it is up to us how we draw our circle, and who, and what we include in it.

Thank you MIL for making me understand how I need to live MY life.