Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keep In Touch

Funny how these words are said
In a world connected in space instead.
Spoken in seeming earnest voice
But distorted through the mind's choice.

Of meetings from a distant past
That forge bonds built to last.
Other touched in cyber space
Even after a failed chase.

Blocked or offed, can't tell which,
A constant drone of a woman's pitch.
Now transparent in the value placed
Or just, as usual, readily replaced.

Never uttered words not meant
Even with a lifetime spent.
In brief a moment that binds forever
Yet same ones used to completely sever.

Warmth and love where felt in traces
Connect memories of beautiful faces
So every time it's said as such
Be the one to keep in touch.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cellulite Free

Let's take a short break from all the depressing poetry, shall we? I will be returning to that dreary mood shortly.... but first something that's been on my mind, and other parts of me for a while.

I am not a fitness enthusiast, who is inclined to get up in the wee hours of the morning to go for a run in crappy weather, and come back feeling all chipper and fab. Oh wait! I did that today. Although I must admit, the enthusiasm was marred with a mean 'don't piss me off' scowl, and the chipper and fab was switched on only post the third strong coffee of the morning. But running I did go! I know, I know. Why would someone with such a fantastic figure and an amazing personality need to do something as extreme as .... exercise? Well, it wasn't for the endorphin!

I have been troubled, for a while now, by an unsightly condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It has no known cure except exercise and Photoshop. Yes, I'll admit it! I have cellulite! Up until recently I was the mistress of my body, with very little need to focus on me, internally and externally (I know, modesty truly becomes me). But since my last birthday, with little to celebrate but a number, I took a long a look at my self and realized the person in the mirror looked old and dare I say it, flabby. It wasn't just a physical reflection, but something from deep within that made this person appear, older, and well, flabbier than she actually needed to be. It was time for a total change.

I have learned in the last couple of years that not too many people are what they seem. Inside every unable, large bodied person is a smaller, fitter version just waiting to jump out. And when the inside and outside match, happiness happens. I also realized that each one of us is a victim of our own choices and nothing you do can ever change that. Therefore, I have decided to make better choices.

I am now living my life on my terms, as meager, as they may be. I will not subject myself to a life of Russian Roulette, to gamble my well being and happiness on someone else's choices for me. So, starting today, I run. Everyday. To move forward. To be the new and improved me. The cellulite free me.

Besides, it's less drastic than my technical skills playing with photoshop.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Of dwellers, escapists, clingers, 
Of the past,
A temporary occupant, visitor,
Not built to last.
Each memory fresh as dew on snow,
Yet advanced without letting go.
Reminders plenty as corners turned,
But propelled fore, lest burned.

Of laughter, tears, and torn visage,
Each story worthy of applause.
Shared and cherished not just by one,
Melting in a solitary sun.
Every adventure piqued the senses
Of moments made, now in fences.
Appreciated, lost, often learned,
Repetition never confirmed.

Of nostalgia tis said true,
Each character is as you knew.
Nothing can now change a past,
Precocious step lay the cast,
Of future moments, yet to add
To enigmatic new fads.
Boldly venture, to each his own,
Yet forever connected, as if sown.