Monday, September 28, 2009

Silver Streak

I am not given to vanity. I'd like to think I don't have to try too hard to look good. You know, it's all in the attitude! Besides, what you see is what you get. So, there I was, bleary eyed, in front of my mirror this morning, when my head seemed to shine. I rubbed my eyes, twice. It was probably the fluorescence of the light playing tricks on my eyes...or my head. But no! The glow now intermittent still appeared to come from my head.

Oh my GOd!! I was dead and had come down from heaven as an angel to save some poor bastard from a life of crime and misery! Except, my path to hell has already been prepped with rose petals and surgical knives. So, no angel! Then what was this physical aura that I was resonating? I grabbed my glasses (I keep them handy for just these occasions) and slammed them on my face. The view cleared. The shine seemed more acute, more concentrated on some parts than others. I peered at myself, moving closer to the mirror, to the other me. And there I saw it, the source of my light....white hair!! Not just one or two but a whole army of them facing me as if on the verge of an attack.

No this can't be true, it can't be that bad. I drew in a breath to steady myself and got down immediately to the task of assessing the damage. Aaahhh!! I was starring in a bad 80's Indian movie! Not as the heroine but as the evil MIL or stepmother whose most distinguishing facet happened to be a thick streak of white hair from temple to tip. This can't be happening!

 It's not like I didn't know I had a few white hair, but today I seemed to have changed, albeit physically. What was I to do? Do I color it and hope the results are flattering? But a lifetime of servitude to hair coloring makes me list off all the things I could do with the time and the money. No! I could take this take this one of two ways: I could cry and lament over my misfortunes of having 'premature' grey hair ( I hate you ma!) or I could embrace my new asset and look mature, for the first time in my life.

Silver streaks it is!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ok, I have to confess....I've been reading! I know, what better sin could there be than a book that actually manages to captivate MY attention?....I'll answer that question later.
The truth is, I've been engrossed in the Twilight series. Yeah Bro, I can hear you snigger! I am, as many of you know, pragmatic and hardlined as they come. I haven't used my imagination in over 15 years. WHAT?? No, it's not like I don't read or have day-dreams. Its just that I haven't clearly been able picturize what I've read in a long time and honestly it scared me when I did, with this book. Now let me make it clear, I am NOT a romantic!! And this book or series is exactly that ... chick lit.... so, imagine my horror now!

I cannot stand books that have the Heroine as a mousy, unable to defend herself, geeky type, who invariably falls for the hottest guy around with a do-good conscience.... it makes me want to puke! This book delivers in that catagory exceptionally well, where I found myself hating (strong word) the main female charecter beyond civilized words and wanting a one night stand with the alternate male lead (the wolf guy). The male lead is a 'vegetarian' vampire who's the epitome of goodness and love...oh please!! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a healthy romance, but this stretched my patience to a limit I didn't think possible. And I have a house full of kids!!

Before you think me an opinionated oaf, which I will not deny, let me say that I read the whole series of 4, 800 page books in less than a week, not bad for a busy professional mom with 2 other jobs. I couldn't get myself to put these books down! I have to admit the writer's imagination for the absurd and and the humanly challenged is out of this world...literally, which only heightened my curiosity to a 'blood thirsty' pitch. At the end of the saga...which it painfully was, I realized that I was terribly disappointed. The story ended as if a fairy tale and the sheer pleasure of my imagination running amock was brought to a crashing end. No one dies. No fight for love. No unresolved misunderstandings. No nothing! Just a quick happy ending! As if the author had run out of options or had no motivation to make this story a possible epic (which it could have been).

So, there I am completely disowning the vamparic system, when I chanced upon the movie Twilight, based on the first book. WOW!! what a piece of crap!! The highlight of the movie was the end credits. As if the bad acting wasn't enough, the movie shredded the book and used completely irrelevant fragments.... although I do believe they were trying to stay as true to the story as possible. The girl playing the lead charecter fitted the role perfectly. However, the male lead was another story. This, possible, drop-dead gorgeous kid looked scared stiff of the vampire he was playing and instead of arousing my feelings of love (he did manage lust for a bit) I found myself cringing and hoping he gets saved from himself. It was a thoroughly anti-climactic finish.

So did I enjoy the story? HELL YEAH!! This, most unlikely, book managed to awaken a buried side of me that I thought I had lost. My once dormant mind was suddenly thrust into a frenzy of possibilities that seemed even to astonish me... which is very rare. I have come to realize that my life is about to change. How? I have no idea...but you'll be the first to know. Oh yeah, and you can bet I'm waiting for the next movie in the series.... I hear it gives 'red eye' a whole new meaning.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Eyes Wide Open!!

Wow!! It's been ages, for which I sincerely apologise. Life has had me on my toes. Dealing with accidents, work and possibly a personality disorder. Yeah, I'm talking about me. The last....2 months have had me running the gammet of things not thought possible. But hey, I'm here aren't I?
The realization that this therapy, of my own device, is actually working, makes me proud that I've been able to achieve the goal I set out to conquer. Hold on!! before every one starts cussing me out for not finishing stories I've started, let me add that with events that have transpired and my own effort to change, I've made a conscious decision to bite my tongue and swallow blood! What the hell am I going on about?? The last couple of months have given me a horrific realization that I've been wasting my time dredging up my colorful past, and in the end, it's been more traumatic to go through each event again.

In addition, the slap in the face I got when my eldest had an accident, and had to undergo emergency surgery, woke me up to the fact that I've been wallowing in heaps of egotistical, often cynical and nearly always caustic crap from which I wanted freedom. I've never been so scared as I was when my child bled all over me and the only comfort I got was from knowing that it could happen to anyone....yeah right!! Ma, I'm truly sorry for all the horrendous acts of unintentional self-destruction and near fatal cardiac infarctions I've caused you. Yeah I finally got mine and knew instantaneously what you went through. But it was then, during the long wait outside the OT that I realized my focus had been on me....what an idiot!! I could have spent all that time with the few things that really mattered to me. It's a shame one needs a near death experience to realize what one's life is truly worth.

So, to all you readers, I apologize profusely for stopping the act before the climax, but this blog will hopefully take on a different outlook on my life....Oh I ain't stopping it, just changing the body to fit the new soul. Hope you stick with me.