Sunday, June 7, 2009

OMG I'm old!!!

Happy birthday to me. Yes, I'm another year older and hopefully wiser. (Shut up Bro!) I know there's been a lot of cribbing and bitching on this blog, so today I'm going to take a (short) break and do something different. A good friend of mine tagged me the other day. I must confess, I have absolutely no idea what that means. Is it the same as playground tag we used to play when we were young? Or is this some form of cyber fun, that I, obviously am oblivious to? I'm assuming it's the first, in Internet form. Now, before I start spilling, let me tell you the tag is about motherhood. Again I assume, it's about the things we enjoy about motherhood. So here goes!

Having three kids is a piece of cake! Yeah you heard me right. Its unbelievable how many times, from as many different people, I've heard complaints that they find it hard to deal with just one child and can't imagine how I cope with 3. It's easy! My children have taught me how to keep that inner (and possibly outer) child alive. I am a strict mom, when it comes to getting things done. But any other time, when it's with my children, I'm just as playful as them. We play together. Watch movies. Sing loud boisterous songs. Scream. Have tickling matches. Or play practical jokes on eachother. I feel and often behave like a child and honestly...I love it!

 Ever seen a house lizard high on bug spray? I'm not one for animal cruelty but I just can't stand house lizards and my dear children came up with the innovative idea of dealing with them. Since I've had children, I realize that I learn something new everyday. Not just about myself but about the world around me too. Did you know that if you call the cops they are actually very nice people....only if the caller is your 1 year old child? Strawberry jam makes a great adhesive ... for anything. Crayons aren't just meant for paper and walls, they work just as well on teeth, if you rub them hard enough. Oh, the color blue goes really well with silver paint, especially when slathered on the body and face as a thick pack. I've also learned to be a little more patient with everyone around me. I'm also an emotional wreck when it comes to watching sad movies (I cry like a baby). I'm vicious when someone says anything unpleasant about my family, to the point of beating people up. It's a learning process I know my kids will continue to teach me, well into my years of senile dementia, and for that I am truly grateful.

Every mother and most fathers think their children are the most beautiful and special. Over the past 7 years I've come to see and believe that they are. Every child born is so unique, that it would be absurd not to love them all. It's a uniquely beautiful feeling to hold your baby in your arms, and since I've become a mother I experience that feeling of unconditional love every single time I look at my children. And the crazy thing is, they feel the same way about me, no matter how much I scream, rave and rant. It's the most wonderful emotion in the world, and that coming from an unromantic me, is a very big deal. 

 My kids are all very well and motherhood is great, but the one person I'm grateful to and for, is my husband. Many a times he's convinced that I don't care about him and his opinion, and he's right a few of those times. He makes my life miserable sometimes, making me do long laundry lists of introspective work, from which, more often than not, the only conclusion I come to is ... I'm a bitch. He always pushes me to get off my (fat) ass, to do things to improve my life. Now, I know he's being selfish with all this because in the end he gets what he wants, a peaceful, pleasing life. But all said and done, he's given me a great life, taken me to see far off lands. Been my pillar when I needed support. Been my strength when I was weak. Been the reason why I love being a mother (and been the cause of it). It's easy to be happy being a mother because of your children, but I don't think I would have been one if it hadn't been for my husband. Watching him with the girls is an eye opener, in the sense, although he seems detached from the daily household rituals and raising of the next generation, he is a phenomenal father. So, darling if you do read this, know that you mean the world to me. But you still have to give me a shiny birthday gift!

So, that's my brief version of the motherhood tag. I'm sure I have to tag some else, but seriously don't know how. I'd suggest those of you who are parents, make your own list of things that make having children special. And those of you who haven't any children, make a list of things you'd change, about yourself, if and when you do. It's funny, my mom once told me that I'd have a daughter just like me, I think she meant it in a negative connotation. But ma, I have three mini- mes and wouldn't change them for anything.