Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Little Words...

You're an Idiot!
What an ass!
I hate you!
You really suck!
You disappoint me.
I said so!
I'm comfortably numb.
I love you.
Nothing else matters.
God, help me.
You complete me.
Deal with it!
Let it go.
What's going on?
You've moved on.
Never give up.
Truth never lies.
You are beautiful.
Don't hurt anyone.
Stay with me.
Heard it all!
Life's a bitch!
I hope so.

Sorry, Thanks, Please.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Ever wondered what'd be like
To have every wish come true.
Where every person's nice as punch
And haters less than few.

Ever wondered what'd be like
To live with minds and hearts opened.
Where experiences teach us to be better
Instead of bitterly deadened.

Ever wondered what'd be like
To be surrounded by love and laughter.
Where friendship means knowing the other
Even in the midst of slaughter.

Ever wondered what'd be like
To never be sick or poor.
Where all that you need is within reach
Without a price placed by the doer.

Ever wondered what'd be like
To never be falsely judged or numbed.
Where life would fall easily into place
Even to face a solitary fate, but not succumbed.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Let The Games Begin

The ball is rolled,
The die thrown,
The horse now out of its gate.

The summons scrolled,
The outcome known,
No step back...too late.

What should have been,
Now sees the fall,
To dust that's obsolete.

The result seen,
In deficient call,
Laid at mercy's feet.

The dung flung far,
Has hit its mark,
An obvious stink its made.

To fight a war,
With a failing spark,
Will use time to completely fade.

So as they said,
When the lions roared,
In bloodied arenas for picking.

The gladiator's not dead,
Till he's been gored,
Hurrah! Let the games begin.