Saturday, October 1, 2011

Men at work?

God created the world in FIVE days! He then screwed it up on the making Man! God made man in His image. That, in and of it self, says so much about God!! For, after He made man, He created rectify His mistake!

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against men. Men, in their own primeval way, have their use...till a woman finds the one she wants, then, nothing else matters. But, God did pull a fast one on us women! Look at nature. Nearly everything in nature has a 'male' connotation to it, look at the fruits and veggies you eat. And, when it comes to 'man-made' structures, well, think of the Washington Monument, Cleopatra's Needle, The Statue of David, The biggest Ball of Yarn.... you get the idea. Everything has been centered around men. Hell, even the world is round, and it definitely made many men proud!

When it comes to all things feminine (and before you ask...NO! I am not a feminist!), nearly everything includes the male of the species. Woman includes man. A Gynecologist and Proctologist do the same thing. Male and female, each completely different from the other, yet, neither one can exist without the other. That's where the problem lies. In a primarily male dominated world, where majority of the top jobs, pay checks, etc are held by men, women are fast realizing that we need to change this disparity. Okay. I'm going to get off my soap box before I give myself a nosebleed.

The purpose today, as it always is, is to complain. I have come to the conclusion that men are the root cause of all female problems, or at least mine. Take for example MENstruation. We bleed for days, without dying, a cycle which goes on for years. But the only time it stops, is when we're pregnant or going through MENopause. How fair is that? Menopause is another phase in life that I wish upon the male of our species. Yeah, I know....there's supposed to be a 'male' menopause, but seriously, does male menopause entail having hormonal shift so rampant and severe that I'm happy as pie one minute, ready to do the Cha Cha in the middle of the street, and the next minute, personally want to disembowel a staff member at the local grocery store for taking 2 minutes extra at the check out counter? I think NOT! Does male menopause require a complete shaving kit for hair you had no idea could grow in certain, sometimes, unknown places of your body? I think NOT! No, male menopause is easily dealt with, with a shiny new car, preferably a sporty convertible, and a younger 'model' who'll flatter you till the cows come home!

Women revolve their entire lives around the men in their lives, fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, sons, barely realizing that they,themselves, are the ones that matter most. Women, givers of life, beauty and bounty, often sell ourselves short, being what is expect of us, rather than being ourselves, being what we set out to be. I've been told in the past to 'be a lady'. What the pointers don't realize is that every woman is a lady in her own way. Every woman, when needed, will show poise, grit, strength, tenderness, bull-headedness, meekness, anger, hate, and love. Why? Because, unlike men, she possess all these qualities, and can bloody well use them!

My mother was right! (yes, ma I'll admit it!). I think I'm pre-MENopausal. So, I'm gonna go out and get me a motorbike, and a cabana boy!