Saturday, September 29, 2012

Courting Rules

Patience, a virtue touted by many
But, according to one, I don't have any.
So, using lack-lustre performing fools
I have learned some courting rules.

It won't matter how true I am
I'll be squished like a penniless bug by a frying pan
I could argue, scream, or cry a river
But its only four lives left to sever.

A process of purposedly prolonged torture
For love, right, wrong, lost future or just charter?
An apathy shown with such blatant conspiracy
Now it hits home...Hipocrisy!

What shoulda, woulda, coulda been
Is worth nothing more than the paper thin
One versus four completely out of balance
To stay strong is now the challenge.

Those innocent looks of love and devotion
All twisted for vengeful paternal projections
But the bearer not languid nor cruel
Will vanquish all monsters with courting rules.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Is Love Free?

A question asked in innocence and glee,
Makes one think, 'Is love really free?'
No price be placed or money to fling,
Like J Lo said...Love don't cost a thing.

But what of those butterflies that roar, or being a dope,
Or colors that appear in shades of pink and heliotrope?
What of those days spent in daydream bliss,
And touches, those looks, or that fleeting kiss?

What of those angonising eons in thought,
Of sleepless nights, and of wandering lost?
And those moments when nothing makes sense,
Of ultimatums, forced sacrifices, being fenced?

So, to answer a child's question clear and true
No amount of wealth will see you through.
Love cost nothing in terms of money,
But in lives, lived or lost, it ain't free honey.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Definitely You!

Another comment under an anonymous shroud
Of an imbecile with a lot to be proud.
Nothing shows stupid this clear
As copy-paste, how original my dear!

Let's bring out the past deleted by force
Implicating lives lived as coarse
To take things out of context by right
Or just trample and publicize by might

Support never taken, as offered none
All just talk and full of air, fun.
Always ahead of every curve ball
Lying in wait to see me fall

Admittance of love, hate and indifference true,
To change a mind that sees nothing new
End in sight, its all fallen through
Its not me, but definitely you!