Friday, September 14, 2012

Is Love Free?

A question asked in innocence and glee,
Makes one think, 'Is love really free?'
No price be placed or money to fling,
Like J Lo said...Love don't cost a thing.

But what of those butterflies that roar, or being a dope,
Or colors that appear in shades of pink and heliotrope?
What of those days spent in daydream bliss,
And touches, those looks, or that fleeting kiss?

What of those angonising eons in thought,
Of sleepless nights, and of wandering lost?
And those moments when nothing makes sense,
Of ultimatums, forced sacrifices, being fenced?

So, to answer a child's question clear and true
No amount of wealth will see you through.
Love cost nothing in terms of money,
But in lives, lived or lost, it ain't free honey.

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  1. Wow, u are completely into poems now. I checked back into the last few months. More poems there. I am not big on poems but I (after trying to decipher what they meant, in school n college), can say that u have a flair for it. Any plans on publishing them?

    I am now here on: