Saturday, September 29, 2012

Courting Rules

Patience, a virtue touted by many
But, according to one, I don't have any.
So, using lack-lustre performing fools
I have learned some courting rules.

It won't matter how true I am
I'll be squished like a penniless bug by a frying pan
I could argue, scream, or cry a river
But its only four lives left to sever.

A process of purposedly prolonged torture
For love, right, wrong, lost future or just charter?
An apathy shown with such blatant conspiracy
Now it hits home...Hipocrisy!

What shoulda, woulda, coulda been
Is worth nothing more than the paper thin
One versus four completely out of balance
To stay strong is now the challenge.

Those innocent looks of love and devotion
All twisted for vengeful paternal projections
But the bearer not languid nor cruel
Will vanquish all monsters with courting rules.

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