Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ode to 2012

What a year this has been! Full of change forced and forged.
A year in which lives transformed, not just personally. Where women were raped and left to die with the final blow from the honest MAN.
A year of the feminine awakening. Of knowing the way forward is to let go of the distorted past
What a year this has been! Of knowing true friendships and photo-shopped lives. Of being able to depend on only one.
A year in economical turmoil, all over the world, and knowing the real value of money. Selling wealth to survive, to understand and cherish everything intangible.
Courted, canned, closed and clued, a year full of nasty surprises with positive reactions. Being re-elected, based on limited skill, just to be used and thrown.
What a year this has been! With a world destined to doom, yet surviving the worst catastrophic event of all....nothing.
A year that subtracted just enough to multiply. Emotions, wealth, perspective, ideology, strength and spirituality. With implicit deep rooted belief and knowledge of winning.
A year of being strategically tested and tactically tempered, with little to show for it. Finding unwavering confidence in an another's life.
What a year this has been! Questionable poetry, personal prose and those lives unaffected by tragedy or love. Prolific yet subdued.
A year marred with the expectedly unexpected, the demonically mean, the unfairly beautiful, the tortuously gentle, the honest dissimulator, of confiscated belongings, and a lonely soul.
A year with an abundance for senile memory and a champion's heart. Least coveted, but thoroughly lived with aberrations paid in kind and more.
What a year 2012 has been! A year to open the most blinded eyes. A year to define a life or several.

A year to me.


  1. True, you are right! You are the Greatest of the Great! Everybody else is worthless. A year to you- again! I will second your crown!

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your 'uplifting' comment, but you are a prime example of how people mis-interpret others to become judgmental & disdainful of them. I hope the new year brings you introspection before hasty assumptions. Peace.

  3. Girl, I wish u a peaceful 2012. Write a book, ok?